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Bankilal - Mexico
Bankilal - Mexico
Bankilal - Mexico
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Bankilal - Mexico

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Notes: Lime, Blackberry, Red Apple, Caramel finish

This coffee is grown in Los Altos de Chiapas, an origin inhabited mostly by tzeltal indigenous communities, which enjoys a good reputation in the specialty coffee industry, because it has heights that favor plantations and traditional varieties are still cultivated. Like Typica and Bourbon, which offer complex attributes in the cup.

The agriculture of Los Altos is special, because it still preserves traditional practices; such as polycultures, where coffee trees receive shade and protection from other tree species. These ancestral systems show greater resilience to diseases such as rust, promote the conservation of biodiversity and offer environmental services that economically support the indigenous people who guard agroecological ecosystems.

Los Altos of Chiapas is a fertile region for many agricultural products, but it is also fertile for countless problems that make the coffee business precarious; such as the shortage and contamination of water resources, difficult road access, the lack of a prosperous market for coffee, labor migration, poor management of coffee plantations, among others. In some areas of Chiapas, deforestation has increased, as a result of the advance and development of agribusiness: livestock, oil palm and banana monocultures. Additionally, the loss of forests has caused the capacity for water infiltration, triggering water supply problems in certain regions of Chiapas.

The suppliers of this coffee, Ensembles, are leading field work in Los Altos 365 days a year. Their field technicians are in charge of organizing and training coffee growers in agronomic practices, harvest processes, post-harvest and more environmentally responsible production systems. All this, to enhance the attributes of the grain, position the region in the specialty niche, increase the quality of life of families and obtain an advantage in times of climate change.

The name Bankilal, is an authority figure in the tzeltal indigenous culture, who represents the older brother and has the mission of taking care of the minors, leaving aside his interests for the well-being of the community.

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