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Coffee cupping for the perfect taste

Ever wondered how we keep Jericho Coffee Traders' coffee tasting so awesome? Cupping, that’s how. Cupping means we only bring you coffee that matches our unique set of flavour profiles.

Our head roaster, Lou, is always on the hunt for new origin coffees. She tastes dozens of samples and only sends the best to the tasting panel (made up of the Jericho Coffee Traders' family!). Only once everyone is happy, does the coffee become a Jericho Coffee Traders' coffee - either part of our core coffee range or on limited runs.

So, what is cupping? This is the process we use to taste coffees and to begin we need to ensure all the samples are brewed under the same conditions. That means we standardise as much as we can – time since roasting, grind size, water temperature, size and type of ‘cup’, even the tasting spoon – all these need to be constant to remove any bias other than flavour. And if you’re thinking of trying this at home (which you totally should) make sure to avoid strong foods beforehand and hold off with the perfumes and room sprays too. Let the coffee flavours sing through.

So, this is the secret behind the stunning flavour profiles we bring you. Lou continues to amaze us with new and exciting origins we hadn’t explored before. We’ve discovered so much about how varietals can behave in different growing conditions and different brewing techniques. It’s what makes Jericho Coffee Traders' coffee unique, bringing you consistently high quality in every cup.

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