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Exploring the Allure of Grand Cru Coffees

In the world of fine wines, the term "Grand Cru" designates a patch of vineyard known for its excellent quality and perfect conditions for grape growing. It's a mark of high status and top-notch wines that promise a unique experience.

Over the past few years, the speciality coffee industry has adopted the Grand Cru concept. But for us, Grand Cru is more than just a fancy label; it's a story of extraordinary beans from exceptional terroirs that we're passionate about sharing with our customers!

By their very nature, Grand Cru coffees are always quite scarce and, therefore, short-run - so grab them when you see them! We currently have a perfect example of a Grand Cru: Alex Arango, a single origin from Colombia.


Grand Cru coffee showcases the very best that coffee has to offer. We source these beans based on their inherent quality, complexity, and excellence. These qualities are cultivated by meticulous farming practices, often using unorthodox or experimental methods to push the boundary of what coffee is capable of. Everything from the choice of variety to the growing conditions, soil quality, processing method, and climate conditions for that particular harvest impacts the coffee.

We choose our Grand Cru coffees based on exceptional or interesting qualities that excite us. So, every Grand Cru coffee we offer promises an experience we are passionate about sharing with our customers! 


Terroir is another term borrowed from the wine industry. It encompasses a particular place's geography, climate, and soil conditions. These factors play a crucial role in the growth and maturation of coffee cherries, leading to characteristic regional flavour differences in coffees.

Similar to how terroir affects the grapes for wine, it also influences the flavour profile of coffee beans. From Colombia's lush mountains to Ethiopia's dense rainforests, the terroir adds a distinct signature that can be tasted in every sip.


The journey of Grand Cru coffee beans is a testament to the careful craftsmanship of the farmers. After the cherries are harvested at their peak ripeness, they undergo processing methods that may include washed, natural, or honey, with each technique affecting the final taste.

The art doesn't stop there; how we roast is another critical phase where we release the true essence of the Grand Cru beans. We coax out the complex flavour profiles that define Grand Cru coffees!


Drinking a cup of Grand Cru coffee is an experience meant to be savoured. Each cup offers a complex array of flavours, ranging from bright and fruity to deep and chocolaty, depending on the bean's origin, processing method, varietal, etc.

These qualities can be enjoyed in combination; the aroma, the body, the acidity, and the sweetness - all coming together to create a balance that is both intricate and pleasing. Alternatively, each sip can focus on an individual attribute to really explore the intricacies of the coffee. Focusing on a different attribute in each sip can help you to better understand and appreciate the distinct characteristics of the coffee, and each Grand Cru coffee will provide you with unique characteristics to explore.


Our Grand Cru coffees are more expensive - but for excellent reasons: quality and scarcity! These Grand Cru coffees represent the pinnacle of what coffee has to offer, with no expenses spared.

Grand Cru coffees are an experience that explores the effects of experimental processing methods or unique terroir. It's a decision to support sustainable practices and small, often family-owned farms, which benefit directly from the premiums that Grand Cru coffees command. It's also about understanding and appreciating the journey from the farm to your cup!

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a casual coffee drinker, these Grand Cru coffees offer a unique experience that can expand your horizons and change how you perceive your beloved brew.

So, the next time you see a Grand Cru coffee, you'll know it's not just a fancy tag - it's a small window into the art and science of coffee making at its finest.

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