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NEW Barista Training from Jericho Coffee Traders

Fast-track your coffee-making skills!

Hot on the heels of our popular Coffee Enthusiast Experience, we are excited to announce our Barista Training held at our Oxford Roastery.

If you love coffee, the perfect cup has likely become an essential ritual at the start of your day. That first sip as the haze of the morning lifts and your focus moves to the day ahead.

How could that moment get any better? Well, you can always improve how you brew. How about experimenting with different speciality coffee beans? Or you could take the time for a little latte-art-infused mindfulness (if you don't know how then read on!).

As our love for coffee has grown, we've developed discerning, exacting tastes and the desire to imitate the barista's skills at home. So easy to do when you have an expert to show you...and now you can have one!

Whether you want to learn practical skills to expand your coffee experience at home, or take your learning further to become a professional barista, our 2-hour training session will fast-track your barista journey.

And we're thrilled to have Lily and Ben running our Barista training - both long-time coffee professionals. Lily is an experienced SCA-certified barista (she's also an enthusiastic latte art specialist). Ben is our resident coffee trainer and Wholesale Partnership Manager (he also likes to dangle from rocks...)

Using our high-end coffee equipment, Lily and Ben will expertly guide you through all the critical elements of producing the perfect espresso. It's a wonderful journey of alchemy from bean to cup! You will learn the art of expresso-making, gain insight into coffee varieties, identify acidity, sweetness and bitterness, under/over-extraction, and the vital skill of milk steaming to create microfoam...and latte art!

Our Barista training is also the perfect gift for friends and family. So, if you're looking for a present with a difference, you can purchase a gift card that can be redeemed against this course.

See the barista course description for a detailed explanation of the topics you'll cover and to book your place.




Lily is a coffee professional based in Oxfordshire. She's worked in the coffee industry since 2018 as a barista, head barista, and head of training and development for cafes and roasteries. She has Professional SCA certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association for barista skills. Latte art is one of Lily's passions!





Ben is our resident coffee trainer and Wholesale Partnership Manager. He has spent the last 6 years working in the coffee industry for various different roasteries and shops, including previously acting as the duty manager at our high street cafe. When he’s not nerding out about coffee, you can find him dangling from rocks (and possibly nerding out about that too).

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