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A while ago, we decided to give back to two great causes close to our hearts: Restore, an Oxfordshire mental health charity, and British Ukrainian Aid, supporting people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

So, we introduced two speciality coffees closely aligned with both causes: our Self Care blend supporting Restore and Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine) supporting British Ukrainian Aid. For every sale of these coffees, we donate 10% to those respective charities.

To ensure our donations are independently tracked and efficiently paid, we've partnered with Virtue (more about them below) which seamlessly handles our charitable payments.

Today, we've added Virtue's 'customer giving' feature for both these products. This means that you can now add to our donation by optionally choosing to also donate when purchasing either of these two coffees*.

The beauty of the Virtue app is that it doesn't complicate the checkout process. You're just presented with the option of adding a £1, £2 or £5 donation to your total order value once your order is placed - simple!

Commenting on our partnership, Mariya Kupriyenko, Co-founder @ Virtue App., said:

"Virtue is excited to team up with Jericho Coffee Traders to enable their online store and shoppers to make a difference to two incredible Charities - Restore and British Ukrainian Aid. Virtue works with passionate brands that care about creating quality products and improving our world.

We love the creativity and generosity behind the Slava Ukraini and Self Care coffees. It's a privilege and pleasure to be a part of Jericho Coffee Traders' giving story."

Our thanks to Mariya and the Virtue team for their support. And also to you, for being our customer and contributing to our chosen charities!

Much love, James & Lizzie

* Customer giving is only available for card payments for now. Virtue will be adding support for donations from other payment methods in the near future.

Our Charity Coffees


About Virtue

Virtue was created by Mariya Kupriyenko, Liam Houlahan and Westen MacIntosh.

Mariya has been helping enterprise eCommerce brands scale with digital products for almost a decade. She has co-founded two social enterprises focused on food redistribution and supporting kids in poverty. Liam is a technology entrepreneur and the CTO at Virtue. Westen has worked in ESG for 7 years, joining Virtue after completing his MBA.

Working throughout the UK and New Zealand, our team is passionate about simplifying the process of charitable donations by businesses and their customers. Virtue, a Techstars alumnus, has already enabled 40,000+ orders with charitable contributions across 100's of UK Merchants.

Virtue enables merchants and customers to make a meaningful impact from their product sales. With Virtue, merchants can:

  • Choose up to three causes to support from an ecosystem of 20,000+ UK charities and non-profit organisations.
  • Donate directly from their product sales.
  • Empower their customers to contribute by adding a personal donation to any of the store's causes.
  • Incentivise sales with impact through Upsell with Impact features
  • Track and share the difference they make from charity donations from their sales.

The Virtue app for Shopify can be found on Shopify's app store.

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